Impressive victory for Thales

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Khan & Associates’ commercial litigation team convinces the court to set-aside the award of a multimillion dollar contract to a competitor of Thales.  In a very significant development, the Islamabad High Court ruled the law that bans a foreign company from commencing any legal proceedings in Pakistan unless registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan not applicable to the constitutional proceedings as “a sub-constitutional legislation cannot impose a disability on a person from invoking the constitutional jurisdiction …”.

In this landmark case, the Islamabad High Court cancelled an awarded contract – an impressive accomplishment of Khan & Associates as courts in Pakistan rarely interfere after the award of a contract.

While setting the standard for international competitive bidding the Islamabad High Court concurred that international bidding, being highly competitive,is expected to be extremely precise and a high degree of care and a meticulous adherence to the requirement of the bid was inherent in such bidding.

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