Khan & Associates maintains a team, which consists of highly qualified tax advisors and specialist tax lawyers to provide advice to clients on every aspect of Pakistani tax law enacted by the federal and the provincial legislators.

The firm routinely provides advice to clients on cross-border transactions that require tax analysis from a local law perspective. The firm provides assistance to clients in assessing exposure to local taxation in cross-border transactions and in properly structuring those transactions in the light of international taxation rules contained in the local tax laws and the applicable tax treaties to mitigate or to quantify the risk of local tax liability.

The firm also advises international clients on the business income taxation of their local businesses to ensure full compliance with local tax laws. The firm regularly renders advice on:

  • Incidence of local taxation on sale of goods and/or services to an entity in Pakistan
  • Taxation of dividend income
  • Local import taxes and customs duties
  • Provincial taxes on services

The firm provides assistance to clients in obtaining tax exemptions, where applicable, in respect of payments originating from Pakistan. The firm also assists clients in obtaining advance tax rulings from the tax authorities for confirmation of tax consequences of complex transactions.

The firm has successfully represented a number of clients before the local tax authorities, administrative tribunals and courts in complex tax matters. Our lawyers regularly represent clients for the settlement of tax disputes and litigation before the tax appellate tribunals as well as the superior Pakistani courts.

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