In today’s economy, ideas and innovation drive economic growth and business success. Intellectual property has become a vital factor for success in business, science and the arts. Intellectual property has emerged as an important but challenging area of law practice in Pakistan on account of the prevalent violation of IPR and the slow response of the courts. Although the government of Pakistan has shown its commitment to the protection of IPR by setting up special intellectual property tribunals, these tribunals are still in infancy and would take time to mature to provide the level of protection international businesses generally expect.

K&A has an experienced team of qualified lawyers who regularly advise multinational companies on protection of their IPR in Pakistan. The firm possesses extensive experience in the registration and licensing of IPR in Pakistan, and regularly deals with the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan. We advise on novel and intricate areas of intellectual property laws.


We at K&A fully appreciate the power of Brands for today’s businesses. We provide all services related to the registration of trademarks in Pakistan including: determining the registrability of the trademark, preparation of trademark applications, filing of the oppositions, and all other services leading to the grant of registration.

We have formidable experience in representing clients before courts in cases of infringement of their trademarks. K&A acts as the principal legal counsel in Pakistan of the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain and provides to it full support on, inter alia, IPR related issues.


It is well known that patents foster innovation and innovation is vital to the health of any economy. We are familiar with the procurement of patents and design protection, patent filings and prosecution, oppositions to the grant of patents and registration and assignment of the patents. We advise clients on all aspects ranging from patentability of an innovation to the grant of patents.


Copyrights protect businesses from counterfeit producers and provide a safeguard to authors of their publications. K&A is well-equipped to provide all the services ranging from procurement of registration of copyrights in Pakistan to effectively challenging the infringement of copyrights.

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