Pakistan has most recently revamped its labour and employment laws. This activity was spurred by a major amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan under which the four provinces of the country and the capital territory were empowered to separately legislate upon employment and labour issues. Subsequent enactments of provincial legislatures have resulted in a rapidly evolving legal landscape that the employers must be aware of at all times. Since each province has a separate employment law, a company with operations in several provinces needs to be cognizant of variations in laws across provinces.

Khan & Associates regularly advises clients on devising and managing labour and employment policies and practices to ensure that they fully comply with the complex web of federal laws and the current provincial labour and employment laws. The firm provides advice on the employment aspects of business transactions that involve massive reductions in workforce.

The firm regularly assists the clients in drafting sensitive management-level employment contracts with unique compensation packages, separation agreements and severance packages. The firm provides effective risk management advice to the clients and helps them resolve employment disputes without recourse to expensive and time-consuming litigation which may also entail reputational damages.

Our labour and employment practice team consists of lawyers who understand business considerations and intricacies and are fully equipped with superior advocacy skills, as well as in-depth knowledge and experience of local labour laws. Our team also conducts internal investigations on behalf of the clients of sexual harassment and discrimination complaints and allegations of misconduct

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